Product Review: Belson Profiles Spa 24-roller flocked hairsetter rollers!

 Product view

I recently had the honor to review my choice of product from! It was such a hard decision, because they have literally become my favorite hair supply website! I feel addicted so it is probably great that I was selected to review the product before I spent my husband’s money :) There was SO much to choose from, but I finally made my decision and chose the Belson Profiles Spa 24-roller flocked hairsetter rollers! I decided to take a goofy picture and let you see what I look like in rollers and no make-up! hehe! Don’t make fun!


I have never used rollers in my hair because I always assumed it would take WAY longer than a curling iron and leave your hair really frizzy. My assumptions could not have been farther from the truth! The Belson rollers were perfect and came with clips for every single roller! They were all different sizes that were just perfect for the layers I have in my hair. I also thought since I have a ton of hair I was going to need like 50 rollers… Another assumption FAR from the truth! I actually didn’t even have to use the full 24 count that I was provided! It only took me about 15 minutes to roll my hair. I left the rollers in for about 20 minutes while I walked around doing housework (because we all know as moms we have to multi-task). When I took the rollers out, I was in shock how well my hair looked without a spray of hair product on my hair!!! I let it fall to the way I wanted it styled, and then sprayed with hairspray!

I am now totally convinced these Belson Rollers are a complete time saver and your hair will look GREAT! Plus you don’t have to worry about indentions from curling irons or burning yourself! Another HUGE plus was how fast they heated! I would totally recommend this product in a heartbeat!! You will love it! Starting 8/30 Folica will actually be offering a 15% off sitewide promo code - LABORDAY15

I was provided this product from and all opinions are 100% mine and TRUE!


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